An Austrian woman, whose years in Israel have an important impact on her life. Five friends, who couldn't be more different in life experience and view of the world and who are connected only by their friendship with Birgitta.

From Mohammed, in Palestinan resistance since his childhood, to Noah, holocaust survivor and conservative Zionist. A meeting, a “naive” plan - “Birgitta's Friends”,

a documentary film by Christian Kogler.

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Concept, Production:
Christian Kogler, Eric Schirl
Unicorn FilmsMeni Elias
Sound concept and mixing:
luftrauschThomas Voglreiter
sesamediaUdo Somma
Post Production Colour:
Flynn Wiesenberger
The “Birgitta's Friends“ project would not have been possible without a lot of support:
Birgitta Kogler, Noah Stern, Bob Mark, Michal Mark, Sigalith, Mohammed Jaradat, Ingrid Jaradat, Tomer Blayer, Christoph Haderer, Roland Freinschlag, Natalie Halla, Josef Kogler, Noah Kogler, Eva Thue-Vold, Wendy Reid, Margit und Erich Maunz, Markus Vorauer, Maria Scheller
Land Oberösterreich - KulturLinz - KulturWahat al-Salam Neve Shalom

We've made it!

Our “Kickstarter” crowdfunding campaign was successful! We can now finalize the post production and our film can have the premiere in June! We will keep you updated on the dates here!

Thanks to our financial supporters:
Hilde Weckmann Stiftung, Friends Associations of Wahat al-Salam - Neve Shalom (Germany, Switzerland, Austria), Patty Ann Woods, Martin Wiesenberger, Hania Fedorowicz, Gernot Weber, Elisabeth, Lukas Voglmayr, Albert Pappenheim, Christian Wollanek, Sahini Hatixhe, Selina Kohl, Niklas Dutzler, Gebhard Donnenberg, Sergey Kochergan and all the others who chose not to be mentioned by name!